Better Offers

I was thinking … this may or may not be related to tiger parenting.. but I think it is.  We always want “the best,” but what happens when the best comes.. but a day or two later, something that is better than the “original best” occurs.  For example, if your child gets a great job offer and accepts it, then the very next day after he (he or she will be referred to as “he”) verbally accepted the offer and sent out a signed contract as well, he receives a much better offer to a place he’d like to work at and a job description that he’d much rather have.

Or to drive it home more to parenting, what about colleges — you decide to do early decision — but then after accepting the college you think will be the best — an even better opportunity comes up to go to a more prestigious, more academic college.  What do you do?

Does the better offer negate the previous acceptance? Do you take the best (and undo the first accepted offer) and never mind what it looks like to others?  You haven’t started yet.  Or what if you have started, and then the better offer comes?

Does it make a difference how we should act if we are Christians or not? How would you give advice to the situations above if you are consulted for your opinions as parents (or friends)?

I had a choice to make recently on a much smaller scale… invited someone to dinner (casual, could have been done anytime) but wanted to catch up and there was something going on in that person’s life so I wanted to express my care to her.  Then, someone invited us to dinner to meet a special out-of-town guest that she wanted us to connect with and that person only had the one day/time to meet.  Should I postpone the dinner invitation with my friend to accept the other one?  What would you have done?

Something to think about … goals… means… ends … how we conduct our lives…


About casianmom

I am a Christian Asian mom who raised and still influences :) two children. I was born in the US with overseas-born Asian parents. I write about parenting, culture, and life and how culture affects our walk with God and vice versa..I welcome your comments sharing your experiences or those of your friends.
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2 Responses to Better Offers

  1. Anne Marie Winz says:

    This takes me back to my college days. I smile as I remember the group of girlfriends I hung out with. Every one of us agreed if we were asked out on a date we wanted to go on, we could immediately accept the invitation and postpone plans with each other without hurting each others’ feelings.

    Life is full of hard choices. So, what did you do about the dinner invitation?

    • casianmom says:

      I stuck with the original plan. Got a chance to really catch up with someone and hear her struggles. And it turned out well for the out-of-town family to only have dinner with their hosts for many reasons too numerous to mention! Didn’t go for the “seemingly better offer” and it all worked out.

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