How to Overcome Injustice and Protect Your Children

I’ve been surfing the Internet and came upon this article about Jeremy Lin forgiving a correspondent who used a catchy but racially insensitive title “Chink in the Armor” to report on a game lost by the Knick player.

Jeremy Lin (source:Wikimedia Commons)

Apparently, Lin invited the fired correspondent to lunch to display no hard feelings over the incident.

Jesus asked us to turn the other cheek.

The hardest thing as a parent is to not protect our children over life’s hurts and bad circumstances. At some point though, it is better to equip our child to be forgiving and turn the other cheek. As an Asian growing up in school system with Asian immigration the exception rather than the rule,I’ve also been called a “Chink” more than once.

I have also done more than my share of “overprotectiveness.” But allowing consequences and teaching children how to forgive is very admirable. Kudos to Jeremy’s parents teaching this Christ-like quality.

How have you taught your child to forgive unjust offenses or prejudices and deal with tough circumstances?


About casianmom

I am a Christian Asian mom who raised and still influences :) two children. I was born in the US with overseas-born Asian parents. I write about parenting, culture, and life and how culture affects our walk with God and vice versa..I welcome your comments sharing your experiences or those of your friends.
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