Love and Courage

Centre County Courthouse

By now, everyone has heard about the verdict in Jerry Sandusky’s trial.  He was convicted on 45 of the 48 counts and is on suicide watch.  However, some of us wonder how could this have happened to so many boys? Why did it take this long to find out and send him to trial? So many questions…

A mother’s and father’s worst nightmare, to realize that this happened to their precious child, and they were unable to protect them or help them from life’s evils. A recent blogpost shares about the difference between moral obligations and legal obligations… and then about love.

It was a mother’s love who discovered her son’s wet hair. Noticing the wet hair was one of the keys to finding out the truth, namely that Sandusky was taking a shower with her son. This discovery helped this mother to stand up for her son.

So, I wonder if something out of the ordinary happened to our children, would we notice the “wet hair”? Or any change in behavior? Or ?
Or are our lives too busy and structured, to even notice?

We love our children, we want the best for them. This horrific sex incident happens more than at Penn State or elsewhere in Pennsylvania (e.g. Former Assistant Principal at Lancaster Mennonite High School).  Approximately 1.9 per 1000 children are sexually abused, and 93% by people who they know. Most offenders try to build a friendship with the child first. It is sad, but we should be aware of the facts.

These are not the only evils from which we protect our children. We need to take a stand to protect others as well. The victims who testified in this trial were incredibly courage.

As we protect our children the best we can, bad things may happen, and injustices may occur. The Sandusky trial brought justice back to prevent his happening again… it’s  not over. The offenses continue as the evidence seems to show some cover-ups by emails between Penn State officials. Sad that some lacked the courage to stand for justice.

“All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”  Edmund Burke

How do you love your child by noticing? Are we courageous enough to make a difference in the world today and stand against evil?


About casianmom

I am a Christian Asian mom who raised and still influences :) two children. I was born in the US with overseas-born Asian parents. I write about parenting, culture, and life and how culture affects our walk with God and vice versa..I welcome your comments sharing your experiences or those of your friends.
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