Parents Teaching Children to Speak Out

The recent controversy about the Founder of Chick-fil-AChick-fil-A sharing his Christian beliefs and viewpoints supporting traditional marriage has been viewed as discriminatory. Michelle Malkin had few recent commentaries on her blog about this very topic. I have to admire Michelle Malkin and her Filipino parents for teaching her to take a stand and speak out.

We must learn to do this as age-appropriate. The recent Sandusky trial has shown several times when children spoke out, but were ignored by the authorities or those who were in place to protect them. For the goal of winning football, children who should have been protected and listened to, were somehow ignored enough that it was not resolved until many years later. (if the judgment and removal of Paterno’s statue and undoing number of game wins indicate resolution… but that’s another blog).

Michelle Malkin recently gave an insightful commentary on Boston’s discrimination against Chick-fil-A. First, she criticized Boston’s mayor who spoke against allowing Chick-fil-A a permit in his jurisdiction (also later added Chicago’s alderman and mayor). Whether you agree or not, I think her outspokenness on many issues is a result of great parenting. She has been taught to research, take a stand, and defend her stance on numerous occasions.

I, for one, went to Chick-Fil-A on Appreciation Day, and not just for the awesome food.

Southwest Chicken Salad

What about you? Do you encourage your children to take a stand and speak up for what they believe in?

For what or for whom would you be willing to die? To live?


About casianmom

I am a Christian Asian mom who raised and still influences :) two children. I was born in the US with overseas-born Asian parents. I write about parenting, culture, and life and how culture affects our walk with God and vice versa..I welcome your comments sharing your experiences or those of your friends.
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